Developmental Characteristics of Soybean Podworm, Matsumuraeses phaseoli (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) and Legume Pod Borer, Maruca vitrata (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) on Semi-synthetic Artificial Diets

반합성 인공사료에서 팥나방(Matsumuraeses phaseoli)과 콩명나방(Maruca vitrata)의 발육 특성

  • Published : 2007.12.30


Two lepidopteran species, Matsumuraeses phaseoli (Matsumura) and Maruca vitrata (syn. M. testulalis) (Fabricius) were reared on artificial diets, and analyzed in their developmental characteristics. Photoperiod was supplied with 16L/8D for M. phaseoli and with 13L/11D for M. vitrata, respectively. Both species passed five larval instars with discrete sizes of head capsule width. In a constant environment ($25^{\circ}C$ and 65%RH), the developmental period of M. phaseoli egg, larva and pupa was 3.9, ca. 16.0 and 8.9 days, respectively, and over 80% of M. phaseoli larvae could develop into pupae, most of which emerged into adults. Newly laid eggs could be stored at $5^{\circ}C$ for 15 days with over 50% hatchability. Similar developmental traits were shown in M. vitrata. However, a low temperature preservation was not applicable to M. vitrata eggs.


Matsumuraeses phaseoli;Maruca vitrata;Indoor rearing;Artificial diet;Developmental characteristics


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