Carbon Nanotube Synthesis using Magnetic Null Discharge Plasma Production Technology

  • Sung, Youl-Moon
  • Published : 2007.12.31


Carbon nanotube (CNT) properties, produced using a magnetic null discharge (MND) plasma production technology, were investigated. We firstly deposited the Fe layer 200 nm in thickness on Si substrate by the magnetic null discharge sputter method at the substrate temperature of $300도C$, and then prepared CNTs on the catalyst layer by using the magnetic null discharge (MND) based CVD method. CNTs were deposited in a gas mixture of CH4 and N2 at a total pressure of 1 Torr by the MND-CVD method. The substrate temperature and the RF power were $650^{\circ}C$ and 600W, respectively. The characterization data indicated that the proposed source could synthesize CNTs even under relatively severe conditions for the magnetic null discharge formation.


Carbon nanotubes;Magnetic null discharge plasma;Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition;Single-line plasma process;Sputtering


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