A Scheme of EDTC Control using an Induction Motor Three-Level Voltage Source Inverter for Electric Vehicles

  • Zaimeddine, R. ;
  • Berkouk, E.M. ;
  • Refoufi, L.
  • Published : 2007.12.31


The object of this paper is to study a new control structure for sensorless induction machines dedicated to electrical drives using a three-level voltage source inverter VSI-NPC. The amplitude and the rotating speed of the flux vector can be controlled freely. The scheme investigated is an Enhanced direct torque control "EDTC" for electric vehicle propulsion. The considered application imposes some constraints which are achieved in EDTC control (fast torque response, optimal switching logic, torque control at zero speed, and large speed control. The results obtained for an induction motor indicate superior performance over the FOC type without need for any mechanical sensor.


Direct torque control;Electric vehicle;Fast torque response;Field oriented control;Induction motor;Neutral-point clamped;Sensorless vector control;Switching strategy optimisation;Voltage source inverter


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