Conceptual Structure of User Involvement and Implications on Korean Disability Services

이용자 참여의 개념 구조: 한국장애인복지에 대한 함의

  • Published : 2007.05.31


The purpose of this study is to find out implications which can be useful for the development of user empowerment and involvement in Korean disability services. Suggested implications are based on the earlier studies about the concept and areas of user involvement. In the theoretical review, this study compared several terminologies related to user involvement. For the depth explanation, this study described wide range of earlier studies. In addition to these descriptions, this study is exploring to show integrated theoretical framework including diverse areas, major initiatives, participation levels, models of purpose on user involvement. And to grasp ostensive understanding on specific mechanisms on participation practice, this study discussed various issues on basic assumptions, areas of involvement and supportive alternatives. Based on these theoretical examination, this study introduced concrete tasks related to policy, service organization, professional education and research to activate user participation in Korean disability services.