Rasch Rating Scale Modeling of the Disability Identity Scale

장애 정체감 척도의 Rasch 모형 적용

  • Published : 2007.11.30


In this Study, to reconstruct the disability identity scale(Lee and Shin, 2006)), Rasch rating scale model was applied to the four sub-dimensions of the Disability Identity Scale in a sample of spinal cord injuries(N=397). The Disability Identity Scale was verified by explorative factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis. However, factor analytic procedures can't evaluate item-fit indices, item difficulty, and appropriate scale category. A number of limitations posed by confirmatory factor analytic procedures can be averted with the use of Rasch rating scale model which is in the item response theory(IRT). So in this study, Rasch model was applied to the Disability Identity Scale. Results revealed that (A) 20 items were selected from Rasch model, (B) the difficulty level of the Disability Identity Scale was the average level, (C) 4-point rating scale was appropriate for the Disability Identity Scale. Finally, we could suggest that the sub-dimensions concepts of the disability identity became clearer and items were to the good fitting.


disability identity scale;item response theory;Rasch model