Creating and Validating Scale of Resilience to Burnout and Scale of Burnout Risk with Mixed Methods

질적-양적 연구방법론의 혼합에 의한 의료사회복지사의 소진탄력성 및 소진위험성 척도개발 연구

  • Published : 2007.11.30


The purpose of this study was to create and validate Scale of Resilience to Burnout and Scale of Burnout Risk for social workers in medical settings. For the purpose, instrument development model, a kind of mixed methods research was used. In the first phase, six dimensions of resilience(: professional competency, accomplishment and worthwhileness, firm belief and value about their profession, good teamwork, support by their agency, and individual resources) and six dimensions of risk to burnout(: dissatisfaction with organizational condition, interpersonal stress among team members, organizational conflict, work related stress, deficiency of professionalism, and individual stress) were suggested thorough the preceding papers with qualitative approaches. The second phase involved analysis of a survey of 185 participants that appeared to validate the dimensions of the measures. The construct validity and reliability of each measure were tested. And it was founded that there were its own factors in each concept, although resilience to burnout related negatively to burnout risk. The results of this study suggest mixed methods research is useful to develop measures reflecting voices in the social work field.