A Microhistory Study on the Social Worker's Salary

사회복지사의 급여에 관한 미시사 연구

  • Published : 2007.11.30


The purpose of this study is to understand the realities of social worker's lives dealt with his/her salary. This study has been conducted by Microhistory Study as a method of qualitative research. For this study, a participant who has worked at the social work agency for 12 years is chosen and interviewed in depth. Analysis of the collected data has been processed and conceptualized by 'finding a clue' named by Carlo Ginzburg. The core themes revealed through the collected data are 'government's incongruent management and social indifference', 'ambiguous expectancy', 'hard time with a small salary', 'uncertainty and losing pride', and 'living painfully and hoping ingenuous living'. Finally, it has been emphasized that the participant's incongruent salary disobeyed the constitution because the participant's duties are to be served by the public government officials.


a social worker; a salary; Microhistory Study; work; government