Effects of Philanthropy Education on Elementary School Students in Korea : Analysis Using a Multiple Convergence Model

나눔교육을 통한 아동의 변화 연구: Multiple Convergence Model의 적용

  • Published : 2007.11.30


This study explores the effects of philanthropy education for elementary school students by using a mixed method. To examine the effects of philanthropy education, two different approaches in research methods are conducted with different data collected from different target groups on the same phenomenon: a) experimental designs to analyze students' change(prosocial behaviors) by philanthropy education program performed in a summer camp(43 participants) and elementary schools(162 students); and b) qualitative analysis on students' changes in perceptual, attitudinal, and behavioral aspects by students' diary and memorandum(66 participants) and intensive interviews with teachers(5 teachers) and parents(4 mothers). The analysis of both quantitative and qualitative results shows that philanthropy education has effects on students' changes in diverse aspects including prosocial behavior. First, the results of quantitative analysis show that in every component of the prosocial behavior such as helping, being kind, empathizing, sharing, protecting, and cooperating, students have positive changes after philanthropy education. Such changes are statistically significant as well. Second, the results of qualitative analysis show that students after having philanthropy education display positive changes in diverse aspects. Particularly, the quantitative results are converged with the qualitative results from students, parents, and teachers. On the other hand, unique finding from qualitative analysis is that students after having philanthropy education can have fundamental changes in their personality. Such a change is commonly confirmed by students, parents, and teachers. This study makes it possible to compare results or to validate, confirm, or corroborate quantitative results with qualitative findings on the effects of philanthropy education for students.


Students' Change after Philanthropy Education;Prosocial Behavior;Triangulation Design;Multiple Convergence Model