Electronic Spectroscopy of Protonated Tyr-Ala Dipeptide Ions

Tyr-Ala 펩타이드 이온의 전자전이 분광 연구

  • Published : 2007.08.20


Electronic photofragmentation spectrum of protonated tyrosine-alanine dipeptide ions(YAH+) was obtained in the wavenumber region of 34500~36700 cm-1 using a quadrupole ion trap time-of-flight mass spectrometer (QIT-TOFMS). YAH+ ions were produced by electrospray ionization, stored in the ion trap and then irradiated by ultraviolet laser pulses which induced photofragmentation of the ions. The electronic photofragmentation spectrum was obtained by monitoring the photodissociation yields of YAH+ ions as a function of the laser wavelength. The spectrum exhibited two broad peaks which were assigned as S1 and S2 by theoretical calculations using a time-dependent density functional method. The broad widths of the peaks in the spectrum were explained by the overlaps of the peaks originated from various conformers of YAH+ ions which were present in the gas phase at room temperature and also by the contributions of the hot bands.


Electronic Spectrum;Electrospray Ionization;Photodissociation;Peptide Ion


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