Identifying the Relative Importance of Service Quality Attribute for Developing an Operation Proposal on Hypothetical College Foodservice Approached to Conjoint Analysis

신설 대학급식소 운영 계획을 위한 서비스 품질 속성의 상대적 중요도 규명: conjoint 분석의 활용

  • Park, Mun-Gyeong (Research Institute of Food and Nutritional Science, Yonsei University) ;
  • Kim, Chang-Jun (School of Human Environmental Sciences, Yonsei University)
  • 박문경 (연세대학교 식품영양과학연구소) ;
  • 김창준 (연세대학교 생활환경대학원)
  • Published : 2006.11.02


The purposes of this study were to : (a) examine the using pattern of college foodservice and off-campus restaurant and identify the important service quality attributes and levels for conjoint analysis, (b) investigate the demographic factor and the lunch behavior of "S" college's foodservice customer (c) search the optimum moving time to the college foodservice by cumulative graph, (d) identify the relative importance of the service quality attributes and level at college foodservice by conjoint analysis, and (e) provide the basic data for establishing new college foodservice. Questionnaire developed were conducted with 305 daytime students. A total of 284 were usable and the data was analyzed by the SPSS(ver. 11.0) for the descriptive analysis and conjoint analysis. ‘Low price’ was the reason for using college union foodservice, and the advantages of college union the foodservice were reported to be 'speediness', 'low price', 'near distance', 'wide space' and etc in a college. For off-campus restaurant, the using reasons were mentioned 'near distance', 'menu variety', 'kindness', and 'better taste and quality' and the using advantage found out 'inexpensive and enjoyable food with friends', and 'good taste'. An optimum time required for moving to the college foodservice was calculated 9 min by cumulative graph. As the relative important attributes on college foodservice were identified in the order of the ‘price range', the 'time required for the movement' and the 'food taste', and the level were analyzed the location requiring 6~10 minutes for the movement, the price range of 2,100~2,500 won, and the providing tasty foods by conjoint analysis. As "S" college will be established a new college foodsrevice suggested by the this study result, there should be expected the increasing salse and the college student's satisfaction on campus foodservice.