Development of A Multipurpose Passive Type Radon Monitor

다목적 수동형 라돈농도 측정기 개발

  • Published : 2006.12.30


A passive type radon monitor adopting two silicon PIN detector as radiation detector has been developed, manufactured and test-evaluated. A radiation signal processing circuit has been electronically tested and then the radiation detection characteristics of this instrument has been performance-tested by using reference radon concentration and a reference photon radiation field. As a result, in a electronic performance test, radiation signals from each detector were well observed in each signal processing circuit. The radiation detection sensitivity of this instrument after several test-irradiations to a Cs-137 gamma radiation source and a standard radon concentration appeared to be 1.37 cph/$\mu$Svh-1 and 1.66 pCi/L respectively. The developed radon monitor in this paper could be used conveniently in monitoring of radon concentration in buildings which population utilize in Korea.