Reduction of Inadequate Sample Collection

부적합 검체 감소방안

  • Published : 2006.06.01


Basically, diagnosis is a comprehensive judgement of the biochemical data which were collected from the patient directly. Therefore, no matter what kinds of well-managed data control are there, if data sample itself is not perfectly appropriate for any reason. we can not rule out high possibility of misunderstanding or wrong diagnosis. Among many possible reasons inadequate sample were collected maybe three situation and circumstances could be assumed as follows. 1. Client did not know what they are supposed to do for sampling 2. Technicians are to qualified or less-experienced on the job 3. Wrong managing or careless treat of the biochemical data sample If it is true, we could manage these problems to be solved through the information sharing and education. In order to verify this hypothesis, actually 5,800 cases were studied from January to August this year. Owing to the thorough education the rate of unappropriated samples reduced to 0.4% from 1.2%. This outcome strongly support the hypothesis of the mutual relation between the proper sample and well-designed education in advance. The importance of information sharing on right process of sample collection should be emphasized.