Prevalence by Factors associated with Metsbolic Syndrome

대사증후군의 관련 인자별 유병률

  • Published : 2006.06.01


Background Cardiovascular disease is becoming an important national health issue since its recent increase in incidence and mortality. The study was conducted to find out the prevalence of metabolic syndrome according to the clinical identification criteria by NCEP-ATP3 and Asia-Pacific criteria. Meterials & Methods: The subjects were 759 people -male 375 and female 384 after twenties age - who had undergone medical examinations at Korea Association of Health, Daejeon- Chungnam Branch. The prevalence of metabolic syndrome was assessed as defined by the NCEP ATP3, while abdominal obesity was assessed according to the Asia-Pacific guidelines. Anthropometric variables and cardiovascular risk factors were measured, and Associated factors with metabolic syndroms was analyzed by logistic regression analysis. Results The prevalence of metabotic syndrome was 24.O% for male and 27.1% for female The high blood pressure was the highest prevalent risk factors of metabolic syndrome. In the age group of thirties, the prevalence of metabolic syndrome was higher in men than in women, however it was significantly higher in women than in men in fifties and six ties. The metabolic syndrome was more prevalent in aged people over 50 years. and .significantly associated with BMI index(odds ratio 2.58 in male, 9.87 in female)Conclusions The prevalence of metabolic syndrome is over 20%.Early detection and intervention of risk factors by health examination and promotion are needed for prevention of metabolic syndrome.