The discrepancy between the estimation for diabetic control and the HbA1C value in diabetic patients

당뇨병 환자의 혈당 조절 정도에 대한 인식과 HbA1C 값 비교

  • Published : 2006.06.01


Background : Diabetes mellitus is chronic condition which needs patients' understanding of disease status and effort for disease control. We investigated whether the patients' estimation for blood glucose control was reliable or not comparing with their HbA1C value, Method: Among people who visited one health promotion center in Seoul from 1995 to 2003,those who answered as having diabetes mellitus on self reported questionnaire were identified. Subsequent question was whether his or her diabetes was well controlled or not. We compared these replies with their HbA1C values. When their HbA1C values were below7% with answering not well controlled, we analyzed if there was any variable which can predict the discrepancy. And the same analyze we did for the opposite situation. Result: A total of 1193 patients were eligible. Those who answered as well controlled formed32.9% of the group with HbA1C values above 7%. In the cases with well controlled though significantly associated with this discrepancy, Conclusion: Considerable proportion of diabetic patients' estimation for diabetic control status was not matched with glycemic control guideline. For successful management of diabetes mellitus, more efforts for patient education and communication skills are essential.