The influence of phentermine hydrochloride on heart rate variability

비만 치료제 Phentermine Hydrochloride가 심박동 변이율(Heart Rate Variability)에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2006.06.01


Background : Phentermine classified by "sympathomimmetic amie", is a stimulant of sympatheic tone But there has been no concrete study which presents the influence of phentermine on autonomic nervous system. Analysis of Heart rate variability is reliable, non-invasive and very useful for evaluating function of autonomic nervous system. We tried to elucidate the influence of phentermine on autonomic nervovs system by heart rate variability. MethodsAmong the 70 candidates who participated in the double-blind case control study whichwas designed in purpose of approving whether- Adipekⓓ is effective for treatment of obesity, 45persons were folled up. From April, 2005 to May 2005, HRV of the candidates who takes phentermine or placebo for 1month, was recorded using BFM-5000ⓓ(medi-core) for 5 minutes in resting state. HRV measures were assessed by time-domain and by frequency- domain analysis. Time domain parameters contain SDNN(Standard Deviation of NN intervals) and RMSSD(Root-Mean-Square of Successive Differences), etc and frequency domain Parameters contain Total Power(TP), Low frequency(LF'0.04-0.15Hz) power. High Frequency(HF:0.15-0.4Hz) power and LF/HF ratio etc. Results: Intakes of phentermine reduce HRV significant1y. SDNN & RMSSD, the main tine domain parameters of HRV, were decreased significantly(P=0.007. 0.016). PSI(Physical Stress Index of Pressure Index) was increase significantly(P=0.002)The main frequency domain parameters(TP, LF & VLF), also decreased significantly. (P=0.024,0.033, 0.015)Conclusion: The result showed that intakes of phentermine reduce heart rate variability and influence on most parameters of HRV. So phentermine not only accelerates sympathetic tone, but also inhibit the balance and function of autonomic nervous system.