Optimal Geometric Design of Transverse Flux Linear Motor Using Response Surface Methodology

반응표면분석법을 이용한 횡자속 선형전동기의 형상최적설계

  • 홍도관 (한국전기연구원 Mechatronics그룹) ;
  • 우병철 (한국전기연구원 Mechatronics그룹) ;
  • 강도현 (한국전기연구원 산업전기연구단)
  • Published : 2006.10.01


Thrust force of linear motor is one of the important factor to specify motor performance. In this study, we optimized maximizing the thrust force of TFLM(Transverse Flux Linear Motor) using Response Surface Methodology by the table of orthogonal way. The Response Surface Methodology was well adapted to make the analytical model of the maximum thrust force and enable the objective function to be easily created and a great deal of the time In computation to be saved. Therefore, it is expected that the proposed optimization procedure using the Response Surface Methodology can be easily utilized to solve the optimization problem of electric machine.


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