Application of Magneto-Dielectric Materials in Antenna Design

  • Min Kyeong-Sik (Department of Radio Sciences & Engineering, College of Engineering, Korea Maritime University) ;
  • Tran Viet-Hong (Department of Radio Sciences & Engineering, College of Engineering, Korea Maritime University)
  • Published : 2006.09.01


In this paper, magneto-dielectric material is proposed to use for minimizing antenna size. One examle of very small antenna is presented to prove this with antenna's area of $0.078\lambda_0\times0.016\lambda_0$, and just moderate values of permittivity and permeability while the return loss can reach - 38 dB at the resonant frequency. The parameters of dielectric material for that best performance are $\varepsilon_r=1.71-j0.004$, and $\mu_r=2.39-j2.58$. Besides, this material also has ability to control the trade-off between the gain and bandwidth while keeping the antenna size unchanged.


Magneto-Dielectric Material;Small Antenna Design;Relation Between Gain And Bandwidth


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