An Empirical Study on the Relationship of Local Community Resident - focus on Suncheon consolidated city -

지역사회의 주민 관계성 만족도에 관한 실증적 연구 - 통합 순천시를 사례로 -

  • 최락인 (성결대학교 지역사회개발학부)
  • Published : 2006.09.01


The purpose of this study is to provide to alternatives to improve the relationship of local community resident of the rural-urban consolidation districts in analyzing the case of Jeollanamdo Suncheon city that has consolidated for around 10 years since 1th January 1995. The method of this study is to survey 335 number of Suncheon residents. The evaluation criteria about relationship of local community resident. used in this study were the unity of residents, the reconciliation of residents, and the satisfying degree of public administrative services. According to this survey. aspect of reconciliation of residents, access of administrative organ, unity of residents. satisfying degree of residents and administrative information are showed a little the positive effect. But locational preference of disgust facilities are appeared ordinary and negative sight.