A Study for u-Jinju Construction Plan through Youth Digital Film Festival in Education Culture(The City of Jinju Case)

청소년 디지털 영화제를 통한 교육 문화 u-진주 구축 방안 연구(진주시 사례)

  • Published : 2006.09.01


Resently, We suggested u-Korea strategy to manage and develop a nation based on national ubiquitous technology using mobile.. therefore many a local self-governing body is writing out u-City construction plan to build most suitable future city in oneself environment. In this paper, after analyze tendency and character of ubiquitous related plans, it makes a plan international youth digital film festival based on ubiquitous technology in jinju. And it suggest strategy of digital film or game industry on a department of digital contents industry. also, an opportunity this paper propose research scheme of early level for u-Jinju of city-farm composition supported ubiquitous service in all the jinju area.