A Study on Implementation of the Integrated Electronic Resource Management System for Digital Librarian

디지털도서관 정보관리자를 위한 전자정보자원관리시스템 구축 연구

  • Published : 2006.09.01


With the rapid and broad changes of information media and information environment the traditional libraries have been evolving into the digital libraries. An analysis for the Planning and realization of the electronic resource management system was carried out to establish the various electronic resources in the digital library, the first in Korea. The study targeted from electronic journals, web-based databases, e-books, and to open access resources. The focus of the analysis lies in the Providing practical integrated electronic resource management for digital librarian based on the framework of effective Electronic Resource Management Initiative(ERMI) of Digital Library Federation(DLF) with network and electronic resource description. The analyses included life-cycle, subscription models, coverages. types of information provider for electronic resources. and system organization for implementation of electronic resource management system.


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