Preparation for Mn-Zn Ferrite Soft Magnetic Underlayer Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Disk using Mn-Zn-Fe-O Metal Target

Mn-Zn-Fe-O 금속타깃을 이용한 수직자기기록디스크의 하지연자성층용 Mn-Zn ferrite 박막제작

  • Published : 2006.09.01


In order to attain high-rate deposition of Mn-Zn ferrite thin film for soft magnetic underlayer in perpendicular magnetic recording media, a reactive sputtering using powder-metal targets under the mixture gas of Ar and $O_{2}$ was performed. It was succeeded that Mn-Zn ferrite films with (111) crystal orientation were deposited on Pt(111) underlayer without any annealing process. The film revealed 3.4 kG of 4 ${\pi}Ms$, 70 Oe of coercivity. The deposition rate of the new method was 16 times as high as that of the conventional method using ferrite target.


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