Electrochemical Performance of Hybrid (Activated Carbon+LiCoO2) Electrode

하이브리드 (활성탄소+LiCoO2) 전극의 전기화학적 특성

  • 김익준 (한국전기연구원 전지연구그룹) ;
  • 전민제 (부경대학교 공업화학과) ;
  • 양선혜 (한국전기연구원 전지연구그룹) ;
  • 김현수 (한국전기연구원 전지연구그룹) ;
  • 문성인 (한국전기연구원 전지연구그룹) ;
  • 오대희 (부경대학교 공업화학과)
  • Published : 2006.09.01


In this study, the hybrid electrodes, composed of the activated carbon powders and $LiCoO_{2}$ powders, were prepared as a cathode for the high-capacitance type hybrid capacitor, and the electrochemical properties of the hybrid electrodes were examined in terms of the weight composition and the milling time of $LiCoO_{2}$ powders. The specific volumetric capacities were increased with increasing of the composition of $LiCoO_{2}$ powders in the hybrid electrodes. On the other hand the coin cell capacitors, using the hybrid electrodes with $LiCoO_{2}$ poweders milled for 200 h, have exhibited the lower internal resistivities and the better capacity retention after 100 charge-discharge cycle than those of the coin cell capacitors using the hybrid electrodes with raw $LiCoO_{2}$ powders.


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