A Navigation Method Based on the NDGPS and LORAN-C

NDGPS와 LORAN-C 기반의 항법 방안 연구

  • Published : 2006.08.01


The coverage of the NDGPS is nationwide currently and by 2007 more than 2 NDGPS signal will be available in most of Korean peninsula both coastal area and inland. The role of NDGPS beacon is transmitting pseudorange corrections however if range or pseudorange can be measured from NDGPS beacon signal, it might be possible to construct an independent regional navigation system: The range from NDGPS beacon signal can be used as additional measurements to remove GPS shadow area and to improve accuracy and reliability of GPS. Furthermore, by adding Loran-C, a regional radio navigation system without GPS can be possible. In this paper, a feasibility study on the regional positioning system using NDGPS and LORAN-C are given. The results show that the NDGPS and LORAN-C can be used as a ground based regional navigation system if requirements such as synchronization of NDGPS network, dual coverage of NDGPS, navigation algorithm for both NDGPS and LORAN-C measurements and an efficient ASF compensation method are met.


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