Prediction of Penetration Rate of Sheet Pile Driven by Vibratory Pile Driver

진동타입기에 의한 쉬트파일의 관입속도 예측

  • Published : 2006.08.01


Numerical integration-based program which simulates motion of pile driven by vibratory pile driver was developed for predicting rate of penetration of pile. Rate of penetration of pile calculated from developed program was compared with those of field test. As pile penetration depth increases, the difference between predicted rate of penetration and measured rate of penetration decreases. It was concluded that the reason for large difference between the predicted value and the measured value at shallower depths was attributed to decrease of vertical compressive force caused from relatively larger flexural and torsional motion of sheet pile.


numerical integration;vibratory pile driver;rate of penetration;flexural and torsional motion