Improved RFID Authentication Protocol using Hash Lock

해쉬락을 이용한 개선된 RFID 인증 프로토콜

  • 배우식 (백석대학교 정보기술대학원) ;
  • 장건오 (광운대학교 경영학과) ;
  • 한군희 (백석대학교 정보통신학부)
  • Published : 2006.08.01


On the wireless-communication between Electronic Tag of RFID system and Reader, there are some existing problems with weaknesses of security such as spoofing, replay, traffic analysis, position tracking, etc., in the established hash-lock related algorithm. This paper has presented the comparison and analysis of the established hash-lock related algorithm for privacy and in order to make up for this, also suggested a new security authentication algorithm based on hash which has an authentication protocol and creates hash function by using random numbers received from the reader on real-time and every session. The algorithm suggested is able to make RFID wireless authentication system offer a several of usefulness and it has an advantage to reduce the amount of calculations compared to established algorithm. It also uses just the tags needed among a lot of tags around which are expected later and it is expected to reduce a responsibility of the server by ending unnecessary tags' action with time based.