A Shared Cache Directory based Wireless Internet Proxy Server Cluster

공유 캐시 디렉토리 기반의 무선 인터넷 프록시 서버 클러스터

  • 곽후근 (숭실대학교 전자공학과 대학원) ;
  • 정규식 (숭실대학교 정보통신전자공학부)
  • Published : 2006.08.01


In this paper, wireless internet proxy server clusters are used for the wireless internet because their caching, distillation, and clustering functions are helpful to overcome the limitations and needs of the wireless internet. A wireless Internet proxy server cluster needs a systematic scalability, simple communication structure, cooperative caching, and serving Hot Spot requests. In our former research, we proposed the CD-A structure which can be scalable in a systematic way and has a simple communication structure but it has no cooperative caching. A hash based load balancing can be used to solve the problem, but it can not deal with Hot Spot request problem. In this paper, we proposed a shared storage based wireless internet proxy server cluster which has a systematic scalability, simple communication structure, cooperative caching, and serving Hot Spot requests. The proposed method shares one cache directory and it has advantages: advantages of the existing CD-A structure, cooperative caching, and serving Hot Spot requests. We performed experiments using 16 PCs and experimental results show high performance improvement of the proposed system compared to the existing systems in Hot Spot requests.


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