Stand Development Estimate and Carbon Stocks/Removals Assesment using Stand Growth Monitoring

생장모니터링을 통한 임분변화예측 및 탄소흡수.저장량 평가

  • Published : 2006.12.30


This study looked into the change of tree growth of five forest growth monitoring plots which were set up at the Undulyeong Hongchungun Kangwondo, and was accomplished to provide the basic data for the forest management calculating carbon storage and absorption in the Undulyeong area. Annual height and DBH growth were slowly progressed in the Pinus koraiensis, Larix kaempferi, and Pinus densiflora stand which were at young stage, but the growth rates of the other stands were lower than those young stands. The diameter class of the mixed forest and Quercus mongolica and Betala platyphylla stand was predicted to be similar as it is and those of Pinus koraiensis and Larix kaempferi stands were predicted to move to the upper diameter classes because of rapid growth rates of the those stands. As in the year 2005, total carbon storage of the Undulyeong model forest was increased by 155,000 TC(2.7%) compared with the previous year. During 2005, total carbon which was absorbed and stored according to growth of the forest was 166,174 TC and net carbon absorption (155,481 TC) increased by 2,736 TC (1.8%) compared with the previous year. Resultingly, the Undulyeong model forest is acting as a net sink and the net carbon absorption rate is slightly increasing recently.