An Analysis of the Factors Affecting Smoking Cessation Intention of Smoking Adolesoents

흡연 청소년의 금연의향에 미치는 요인분석

  • Published : 2006.06.30


Purpose: This study was done to evaluate the predictive factors of smoking cessation intention of smoking adolescents at H. district in Chungchungnam-do. Method: A convenience sample was recruited from a public health center at H. district in Chungchungnam-do. A total of 100 smoking adolescents were enrolled in this study. A self-report survey method was used to identify the predictive factors related to smoking cessation. Result: A forward stepwise logistic regression analysis identified four factors associated with smoking cessation intention of smoking adolescents: accompanied friends during the smoking cessation program (OR=20.14), preparation for smoking cessation (OR=5.12), smoking cessation knowledge after the smoking cessation program (OR=1.41), and the number of cigarettes (OR=0.15). Conclusion: Based on this study results, the effective programs in reducing adolescent smoking rates should include components to accompany peers, increase the knowledge of smoking impact, and the benefit of smoking cessation.