Development of drying apparatus using 2-way condensation for marine products

2방식 응축을 이용한 수산물 건조 장치 개발

  • Hwang, Jea-Ho (Dept. of power system engineering, Gangwon Provincial College)
  • 황재호 (강원도립대학 동력기계시스템과)
  • Published : 2006.11.30


In this study, the 2-way condensation system was designed applying air-to-air heat pump to dry a marine product such as squid in the winter. And to be made the drying apparatuses by this system, there are two kinds of type, A type, was set a compressor outside of the drying apparatus, B type, was set a compressor in the drying room. And then the variations of temperature in drying room were measured to compare the heating performance of the drying apparatuses between A type and B type at $-6.5^{\circ}C$, outdoor temperature. The temperature of the drying room for B type was increased to $36^{\circ}C$ but the temperature of the drying room for A type was not increased to $36^{\circ}C$, to be increased to $20^{\circ}C$.


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