Mooring loads analysis of submersible aquaculture cage system using finite element method

  • Kim, Tae-Ho (Department of Marine Production Management, Yosu National University)
  • 발행 : 2006.02.28


The expansion of near shore aquaculture is feasibility of moving aquaculture facilities into the open ocean. Numerical modeling technique using finite element method was used to enable the optimum design and evaluation of submersible aquaculture cage system. The characteristics of mooring loads response in mooring lines under waves and current and their response amplitude operators were calculated for single and three point mooring configuration at the surface condition and submerged one. The static mooring loads without wave and current loading were similar for both the surface and submerged configuration. It was calculated that three point mooring was more adequate than single point mooring for the mooring configuration of submersible aquaculture cage system. The wave induced response amplitude operators for the single point mooring configuration with the influence of currents were identical to those without the influence of currents.


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