Development of Multi-layered TiO2/Al, Cr/TiO2 Pearl Pigment Processed by DC and RF Magnetron Sputtering Process

DC와 RF Magnetron Sputtering 공법을 이용한 다층 TiO2/Al, Cr/TiO2 진주안료 개발

  • Published : 2006.08.01


For the possible application of pearl pigment, multi-layered $TiO_2/Al,\;Cr/TiO_2$ thin film were deposited on $SiO_2$ substrate by using sputtering method, $TiO_2$ and Al or Cr was selected as a possible high and low refraction material at the film interface respectively. Optical properties including color effect were systematically studied in terms of different film thickness and film layers by using spectrometer. In order to expect the experimental results, the simulation program, the Essential Macleod Program(EMP) was adopted and compared with the experimental data. The film consisting of $TiO_2/Al,\;Cr/TiO_2$ layers shows a wavelength range of $430{\sim}760nm$, typically color ranges between bluish purple and red. It was confirmed that this experimental result was quite well consistent with the experimental one.


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