Real-Time Face Detection, Tracking and Tilted Face Image Correction System Using Multi-Color Model and Face Feature

복합 칼라모델과 얼굴 특징자를 이용한 실시간 얼굴 검출 추적과 기울어진 얼굴보정 시스템

  • 이응주 (동명대학교 정보통신공학과)
  • Published : 2006.04.01


In this paper, we propose a real-time face detection, tracking and tilted face image correction system using multi-color model and face feature information. In the proposed system, we detect face candidate using YCbCr and YIQ color model. And also, we detect face using vertical and horizontal projection method and track people's face using Hausdorff matching method. And also, we correct tilted face with the correction of tilted eye features. The experiments have been performed for 110 test images and shows good performance. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm robust to detection and tracking of face at real-time with the change of exterior condition and recognition of tilted face. Accordingly face detection and tilted face correction rate displayed 92.27% and 92.70% respectively and proposed algorithm shows 90.0% successive recognition rate.