Design and Development of Hybrid Documents Authoring Tool

하이브리드 문서 저작도구의 설계 및 개발

  • 홍광진 (숭실대학교 정보과학대학 미디어학과) ;
  • 정기철 (숭실대학교 정보과학대학 미디어학과)
  • Published : 2006.04.01


Digital documents takes place of paper (off-line) documents, because of the advantages of digital (on-line) documents: supply of information using dynamic contents and good to communize. However, users prefer paper documents to digital documents with the advantages of paper documents: inexpensive, handy to carry, and good to read. Therefore, for providing advantages of digital documents to users who prefer paper documents, many laboratories study about methods which augment digital documents to paper documents. In this paper, we propose the Hybrid Documents Authoring Tool (HDAT), which can insert, delete, and modify on-line information to the off-line. The proposed system is a unified authoring tool for reading and writing of on-line information. And we provide the most natural environment to users using computer vision technology without additional devices such as markers or patterns to retrieve documents. As shown by experimental results, we make sure that our proposed system has high usability and good efficiency on various environments through we measure the low-level of system requirement.