Concentration Characteristics of PCBs in Pine Needle and Soil at Rural Area

교외지역에서 소나무 잎과 토양 중 PCBs의 농도 특성

  • Shin Eun-Sang (Department of Environmental Health, Dongnam Health College) ;
  • Yeo Hyun-Gu (Busan-Ulsan Regional Office of Small and Medium Business Administration(SMBA))
  • 신은상 (동남보건대학 환경보건과) ;
  • 여현구 (부산.울산지방중소기업청 기술지원과)
  • Published : 2006.03.01


This study was to investigate concentration characteristics of atmospheric PCBs in soil sample and pine needle at rural area. Profiles of PCB congener detected in pine needle and soil sample have a difference that low molecular PCBs mainly existed in pine needle, whereas high molecular PCBs were mainly existed in soil sample because of their different vapor pressure and octanol-air partitioning coefficient($K_{OA}$) of each congeners. Correlation coefficients(r) of PCB congeners simultaneously detected in soil and pine needle were significant (r>0.71, p<0.01), which showed that PCB congeners patterns of atmosphere could be estimated in using pine needle and soil sample indirectly. The contributions(%) of higher molecular PCBs(>penta-CB) to total PCBs in soil sample were higher than those of pine needle and the contribution of lower molecular PCBs(


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