Quality Characteristics of Cheese Analogs Containing Lipoxygenase-Defected Soymilk and ${\alpha}$-Chymotrypsin Modified Soy Protein Isolate

  • Ahn Tae-Hyun (National Institute of Crop Science, RDA) ;
  • Lee Sook-Young (Department of Food and Nutrition, Chung-Ang University)
  • Published : 2006.06.01


Cheese analogs using lipoxygenase-defected soymilk and ${\alpha}$-chymotrypsin modified soy protein isolate (SPI) were prepared. Color, textural properties, sensory attributes and melting spreadability of cheese analogs were evaluated and compared with mozzarella cheese, and relationships between textural properties, sensory attributes and melting spreadability of cheese analogs were analyzed. Off-flavors were not mostly discriminated. Cheese analogs containing 10% SPI untreated and containing 6% and 8% SPI treated by ${\alpha}$-chymotrypsin in ${\Delta}E$ value of color were the most similar to mozzarella cheese. Quality characteristics and melting spreadability of cheese analogs were highly affected and improved by ${\alpha}$-chymotrypsin modification. Sensory attributes and melting spreadability of cheese analogs containing 6% SPI treated by ${\alpha}$-chymotrypsin were the most similar to mozzarella cheese, while in textural properties, cheese analogs containing 10% SPI were the most similar with mozzarella cheese. Hardness in sensory attributes was highly positively correlated with hardness (r>0.65), adhesiveness (r>0.56), chewiness (r>0.77) and gumminess (r>0.76) in textural properties, while it was highly negatively correlated with melting spreadability (r>-0.68).



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