A Study on the Comparison of the Predictability among Traditional and Choice-based Conjoint Analyses in the Choice of Service Products

서비스제품 선택에서 전통적 컨조인트기법과 선택형 컨조인트기법간의 예측력 비교에 대한 연구

  • Published : 2006.12.30


Marketing managers hope to maximize the success rate of new products by satisfying various needs of consumers. For this, an analysis called 'conjoint analysis' has been frequently applied in the process of new product development. This study was performed to compare the predictability of diverse conjoint analyses in choice of general hospitals. The comparison was performed among four models of traditional conjoint analysis and choice-based conjoint analysis. Results show that the hybrid conjoint analysis, which combined the traditional conjoint analysis and the choice-based conjoint model showed the highest predictive accuracy. Still two models show similar estimates of utility.