The Impacts of IT Capability on Firm Performance

정보기술 능력이 기업 성과에 미치는 영향 관계

  • 김기문 (연세대학교 경영연구소)
  • Published : 2006.06.01


The purpose of this study is (1) to develop a conceptually integrated model of IT capability comprising hierarchically structured lower capabilities, and (2) to investigate the impacts of IT capability on firm performance. To do this, the study defined IT capability as a third-order factor model and identified three conceptual dimensions of IT capability IT resource integrating capability, IT infrastructure flexibility, and IT personnel expertise. The relationships between IT capability and firm performance are assessed with 243 firm level data using LISREL. The results of confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) demonstrated that the constructs is highly reliable and valid. Further, we found that IT capability not directly but indirectly affects firm performance through the impacts on business processes.


IT Capability;IT Routines;Infrastructure;Expertise;Resource-based View;Firm Performance