A Study of Success Factors Influencing Each Phase of ERP System Implementation

전사적 자원관리 시스템 구현의 성공요인: Markus의 단계별 성공요인에 관한 실증분석

  • Published : 2006.06.01


The objective of this research project is empirically investigating factors influencing EPP system implementation based on the degree of volatility of business environment. The results show that computes with low volatility have successfully implement ERP system compared to companies with high volatility. This research project also identified success factors of each phased chartering phase, executive participation sound assessment of business condition, good understanding of ERP system and carefully constructed case are identified as success factors. During project expenditures, participation of various groups, technical resources, prefect and change management are found to be important for successful construction. Trained users, integration of systems, well-designed process and technical and human resource are found to be success factors during shakedown phase. Managers commitment technical infrastructure, system flexibility, and adequate resource for maintenance and renewing system are identified as success factors of onward and upward phase.


ERP Implementation;Success Factors;Business Environment