In vitro Regeneration of Phragmites australis through Embryogenic Cultures

  • Lee Jeong-Sun (Division of Natural Sciences, Ajou University) ;
  • Kim Chang-Kyun (Center for Fungi and Plants Genome Research, FnP Corp., Biovalley #206, Seoul National University) ;
  • Kim In-Sung (School of Biological Sciences, Seoul National University) ;
  • Lee Eun-Ju (School of Biological Sciences, Seoul National University) ;
  • Choi Hong-Keun (Division of Natural Sciences, Ajou University)
  • Published : 2006.03.01


Phragmites australis (reed) has received much attention as being one of the principle emergent aquatic plants for treating industrial and civil wastewater. Plant regeneration via plant tissue culture in p. australis was investigated. Three types of callus were identified from seeds on N6 medium plus 4.5 UM 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D). Yellow compact type showed the best redifferentiation, whereas white compact type and yellow friable were not competent to differentiate into plane. Solid medium culture was better than liquid suspension culture for enhancing callus growth when N6 medium supplemented with 4.5 ${\mu}M$ 2,4-D was used. Phytagel, as a gelling agent, was superior to agar in plant regeneration on N6 medium, supplemented with 9.4 ${\mu}M$ kinetin and 0.54 ${\mu}M$ $\alpha$-naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA). Transfer of the plantlets regenerated from kinetin and NAA-supplemented N6 medium to growth regulator-free MS medium enhanced the further development of the plantlets. Plantlets on subsequently grown to maturity when tansferred to potting soil. The regenerated plants exhibited morphologically normal. The system for plant regeneration of P. australis enables to propagate elite lines on a large scale for water purification in the ecosystem


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