A Study of Estimation of Social-Economic Impacts Caused by Development of A Golf Course in Rural Area

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  • 주우일 (경남도립 거창전문대학 건축.인테리어과)
  • Published : 2006.06.25


This study is purposed to a ripple effects of development of a golf course in rural area analyzed to site suitability, social impact of public opinions, and economical impact. And for study, it is setting up development model of gamaksan golf course in geochang-gun will be constructed. It is carried out those as follows;(1) it is, first of all, examined site suitability considering act and site factors, opinion of residence's, and development planning of geochang-gun;(2) it is, secondly, suggested to analyzed social-economic impacts in rual area;(3) it is, finally, established an alternative proposal for development of a golf course considering it's merits and faults. The result of study, A appropriateness of development planning in golf course is focused to 'regional planning integrated', 'educational program for It's', and 'development council committee' considering harmony of a specialist, residents, government employee, businessman for a identity of interests.