Determination of Cutting Parameters Considering Machining Safety in Milling Operation

밀링작업에서 가공 안전성을 고려한 가공조건의 결정

  • Park, Byoung-Tae (Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Myongji College)
  • 박병태 (명지전문대학 산업시스템경영과)
  • Published : 2006.12.31


In metal cutting processes, cutting conditions have an influence on reducing the production cost and deciding the quality of a final product. Process planners usually make modification to recommended cutting parameters obtained from machining data handbooks in order to satisfy requirements for individual operation. The modified cutting parameters also need to be examined for the safe machining. In this paper, a new operation planning system that allows the generation and check of modified cutting parameters is proposed for the milling process. A neural network methodology is introduced to identify mathematical models for generation of the modified cutting parameters, and several simplified rules and equations are presented for the check of the cutting parameters. Finally, the results are demonstrated with an example part.


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