Safety Index of Korean Society Analyzed by Time Series

시계열로 분석한 한국사회의 사회안전지표

  • Published : 2006.12.31


Rapid economic growth in Korea, on the other side, has generated increase of multiple complex dangers. To take off dangers scattered in the Korean society and to conduct safe society for better life, it is needed to develop social safety index. Social safety index analyzed by time series could compare and estimate various social disasters, thus it act as the foundation to set up safety policy. The research has focused on 8 social safety indexes; natural disaster, fire, traffic accident, crime, industry accident, forest fire, collapse and explosion, and environmental pollution. To find out Korean society safety index analyzed by time series, the research analyzed changes of each safety indexes in 10 years since 1994. Looking at the changes of each indexes, traffic accident showed the most improvement overall the nation, with industrial accident and collapse and explosion rating second and third place. However, crime, fire and natural disaster get worse, and especially crime has turned worsened than any other divisions.


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