Risk Assessment for Hazardous Construction Work Recognized by Workers

건설위험직종 작업자의 위험체감도 평가

  • Son, Ki-Sang (Department of Safety Engineering, Seoul National University of Technology) ;
  • Lee, Shin-Jae (Ministry of Labor)
  • Published : 2006.06.30


This study is to investigate the related materials such as domestic law regulation, research paper, research report, and the other material, and to suggest suitable counter measures, to find out hazard degree for its works of workers and work place through direct survey, in order to determine risk score of each hazardous work which is designated by the Government, without consideration of labour's consciousness against risk level at a site. Therefore, a new questionnaire survey related to the decision of risk level are made and distributed to find out what risk level each worker recognizes. Also, the authors tried to approach reasonable conclusions after discussing reasonability of qualification standard and improving ideas of worker at hazardous work places with worker, faculty member, H&S manager, labour union. And the results show hazard degrees by each work kind of the above: 3.75 for working with machinery, 3.7 for steel structure, 3.5 for operation of tower crane, 3.51 for retaining wall, 3.85 for form work, 3.46 for scaffolding are obtained. This quantified risk can be applied to establishing a reasonable system to keep safe against hazardous works.


hazard;risk;H & S manager;qualification standard;licensed person


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