Appropriate Rate for Estimating Safety Management Cost in Civil Work

토목공사 안전관리비 적정요율 산정

  • Son, Ki-Sang (Department of Safety Engineering, Seoul National University of Technology) ;
  • Lee, Gi-Tae (Occupational Safety and Health Research Institute) ;
  • Park, Jong-Keun (Department of Construction, Byuksung College) ;
  • Park, Jung-Bong (Dukwon Blast System Company)
  • Published : 2006.08.31


Standard safety management cost system was established in 1988 as a decree Number of 88-13, first time. And then, it has been revised fourteen times, up to now. A lot of practical investigations have been made for the revision but many problems at sites are continued to be put out so that it should be revised. This study is to find out hazard level of each work kinds through questionnaire and interview and investigate analyze the status which standard safety management costs have been used. Also, this study is to show reasonable rates of standard safety management costs in construction industry and to set up countermeasures against those problem after reviewing its status in korea with in Japan and Europe. Budget and actually performed amount of safety management costs in this study are investigated. costs for temporary work which is clarified in Japan is collected in order to compare domestic cost rate with Japanese one related to the total project amount. This study is to investigate eleven project kinds of domestic system, first, and to investigate eleven items of apartment bldg, office, civil work such as bridge, tunnel, dam, plant etc, secondly. Additionally, three items of gymnasium, railway, particular steel tower are investigated in this study. Also this study is to investigate and analyze performed costs of presently processing worker finished work so that it shows a new reasonable rate against standard safety management costs in construction industry, in order to make basical data and material to be systemized.


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