Optimum Delay Time of Electronic Detonator using Blast-induced Vibration Waveform Composition

발파진동 파형합성을 이용한 전자뇌관의 최적지연초시에 관한 연구

  • 윤지선 (인하대학교 토목공학과) ;
  • 김도현 ((주)바우컨설탄트 지반터널부)
  • Published : 2006.06.30


When blasting by imposing the time difference between two adjacent charge holes, the mutual interference phenomenon occurs depending the feature of blast. This interference phenomenon of blast amplifies or compensates the blast-induced vibration depending on the overlapping mechanism. Thus, this experiment aims at finding out the optimum delay time by measuring the blast vibration data from the single hole blast during the blasting test and composing each blasting waveform, and at proving the its efficiency by applying the composition delay time in the entire cross section. The experiment showed that the blasting-induced vibration was reduced by endowing an optimum delay time of electronic detonator appropriate to the rock quality of construction site compared to the typical delay time (20, 25ms) of existing detonator (non-electric and electric detonator). From these results, the excavation efficiency using blasting could be enhanced..


Supported by : 한국건설교통기술평가원