Analysis of Granite Behavior In Blasting Using Microplane Constitutive Model

마이크로플레인 모델을 이용한 발파시 화강암의 거동해석

  • 지광습 (고려대학교 공과대학 사회환경시스템공학과) ;
  • 문상모 (고려대학교 공과대학 사회환경시스템공학과) ;
  • 이인모 (고려대학교 공과대학 사회환경시스템공학과)
  • Published : 2006.06.30


A kinematically constrained microplane constitutive model is developed for intact granite. The model is verified by fitting the experimented data of Westerly granite and Bonnet granite. Using the model with the standard finite element method, the behavior of the intact granite subjected blasting impact is studied. What is studied includes the attenuation of the blasting waves, the size of the fractured zone and the effect of the charge condition to avoid overbreak of the rock mass. The model developed captures the energy loss due to the inelastic behavior and the microcracking of granite during blasting very well. The attenuation of the blasting waves calculated based on the model is much more than that based on the linear-elastic constitutive law. The size of damaged (or fractured) zone is calculated directly from the principal strain as blasting impact is spreading, not like in the case with the linear elasticity model.


Supported by : 한국건설교통기술평가원