International Tax Avoidance Type and Tax Cooperation Between Nations

국제적 조세회피 유형과 국가간 조세협력

  • 김동복 (남부대학교 경찰행정대학)
  • Published : 2006.06.01


Thanks to globalization and multi-corporations which have further created complex economic systems over the years, we are now experiencing new aspects of economic challenges as well. Any country abiding by law and order is required to have taxpayer's consent and cooperation upon levying taxes, however, taxpayers will resist or try to avoid paying taxes at all if they can. Particularly, it becomes easier for them to do by using tax haven wherever they we, and their endeavor is not likely to stop as long as they can. These kinds of actions have undoubtedly created tax loopholes which have in fact surfaced and brought to attention to many. Inevitably, each country aggressively pursuits to exchange tax information with others and cooperate each other Thus this study will look into various types of international tax avoidance cases and its root causes and focuses on ways to cooperate amongst nations. The study also suggests possible ways to develop and enhance international tax systems for all the parties concerned.