A Study on the Effective ICT used Learning for the Lifelong Education by e-Learning

이러닝 평생교육을 위한 효과적인 ICT 활용 교육 방안

  • Published : 2006.06.01


In this paper, I explored the direction of ICT used learning that can improve the access ability of e-learning to activate a neglected class's lifelong education by e-learning. I had a good grasp of a neglected class's actual condition of the access ability of e-learning and presented the direction of basic ICT used learning for the adults that can improve the access ability for the lifelong education by e-learning. According to the result of this research, it was found that the adult learners had a considerable disparity by age group. Therefore, it is desirable that they had to learn ICT used learning with considering the actual condition by age. Teenagers and 20 years of age need to be learned in order of an Internet club, word processor, moving picture and etc. It needs to be teamed for the $30{\sim}40$ age bracket lil order of a chat, an Internet club, searching engines and etc and for the $30{\sim}40$ age bracket in order of a chat, an Internet club and moving picture and etc. And also it needs to induce a neglected class to develope participation abilities for themselves by activating an internet club activity.