Spectrum Sensing Technologies for Cognitive Radio Based Interactive Broadcasting Services

  • Lim Kyu-Tae (Georgia Electronic Design Center(GEDC), Georgia Institute of Tech) ;
  • Hur Young-Sik (Samsung RFIC Design Center at Georgia Tech) ;
  • Lee Jeong-Suk (Samsung Electro-Mechanics Inc.) ;
  • Kim Ki-Hong (Samsung Electro-Mechanics Inc.) ;
  • Lee Chang-Ho (Samsung RFIC Design Center at Georgia Tech) ;
  • Kim Hak-Sun (Hanbat National Univ.) ;
  • Laskar Joy (Georgia Electronic Design Center(GEDC), Georgia Institute of Tech)
  • Published : 2006.03.01


The Cognitive Radio (CR) technology is a promising solution for exploiting the limited spectrum resources and providing flexibility of spectrum usage. Future interactive broadcasting service can be realized by utilizing CR concept, since the up-link return channel can be found by the spectrum sensing method, which is core functional block of the CR system. In this paper, the spectrum sensing technologies of CR system is presented. First the system architecture of the CR with spectrum sensing block is presented. The suggested spectrum sensing technique consists of the coarse and the fine spectrum sensing. The coarse spectrum sensing technique adopted the wavelet transform to provide the multi-resolution sensing feature - Multi-Resolution Spectrum Sensing (MRSS). The fine spectrum sensing technique uses the beneficial properties of the autocorrelation function Analog Auto-Correlation (AAC). The simulation results for the proposed sensing technologies are presented for various incumbent signals.



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