A study of the Jeung-Bo-Man-Byeong-Hoi-Chun a medical book of Joseon(朝鮮)

조선의서(朝鮮醫書) 『증보만병회춘(增補萬病回春)』에 대한 연구(硏究)

  • Published : 2006.12.30


Man-Byeong-Hoi-Chun(萬病回春) is a representative writing of Gong Zhongxian. It was generally used by Koreans in Joseon(朝鮮) era and issued many times in the latter period of Joseon dynasty. We investigated the Jeung-Bo-Man-Byeong-Hoi-Chun (增補萬病回春, An enlarged edition of the Man-Byeong-Hoi-Chun), which is published in the 17th century, coming to a conclusion like the followings. 1. In Joseon(朝鮮), there was the J eung-Bo-Man-Byeong-Hoi-Chun which was made through revision and enlargement of the Man-Byeong-Hoi-Chun written by Gong Zhongxian of China. 2. There are two versions of the Jeung-Bo-Man-Byeong-Hoi-Chun pressed in Joseon, which are written by Kim Yuk(金堉) in 1656 and by Kim Seok-ju(金錫胄) in 1679. 3. The representative medical books of Joseon such as Eui-Rim-Chual-Yo-Sok-J ip (醫林撮要續集), Dong-Eui-Bo-Gam (東醫寶鑑), J e-Jung-Sin-Pyeon(濟衆新編) contained quotations from the J eung-Bo-Man-Byeong-Hoi-Chun(增補萬病回春), not from the Man-Byeong-Hoi-Chun (萬病回春). 4. The Jeung-Bo-Man-Byeong-Hoi-Chun(增補萬病回春) contained not only the essence of the Chinese medicine but also new medical systems reflecting actual circumstances of Joseon at that time. So, it can be recognized as the foundation of the Joseon medicine in the latter period of the dynasty.